PR Classwork

Worth a thousand words…..

In Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques , Chapter 8 talks about photos. But, many people don’t realize that photos have a huge impact on readers.

An interesting fact in the chapter is that more people look at photos than an actual photo itself. Stories that have photos also seem more significant according to the chapter.

Another important thing to remember is that there is more to it than just taking a photo. You have to make sure that you move toward the central focus of the picture. Taking group photos isn’t a good idea. Taking a picture of people doing something or interacting with others is a strategy that photographers use.

The chapter also includes a section about ethical considerations. It seems really easy to edit a photo to make the effect stronger or resolution better. But, stop, think!  When is it enough? When is the photo no longer the original? Many PR companies and newspapers have come up with a guideline center with editing. I know that in our university school newspaper if a photo is significantly changed, we put it in the caption.


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