PR Classwork

A Public Relations Facebook

Have you ever wanted a Facebook that focused on Public Relations to help you network with others, share information, and learn more about the field. Well, guess what? There is one. It is called PROpenMic, and it is very similar to Facebook.

Besides being a social network, it allows you to share your twitter, blog, photos, videos, but there is one major difference from Facebook. This social network lists internships that are available. Here is an example of what you see on the site and this is an actual listing. This is so handy for college students and graduate students. The listings give information about the available position, the requirements, and the contact person.

There is more on the site that you can find that can help you in the PR field. It gives you the PR News MashUp.  This is a list of current news from all over the world. So you always stay on top of what is going on.

Also, there is a section of forums that allow PR students or professionals talk about various topics. These forums range from national news topics to the PR practice.

Members can also post blogs. This can benefit all users. Exchanging information back and forth can really improve everyone’s PR skills.

But, YES, there’s more! There are professional groups, latest news feed, and resources that anyone wanting to progress in the PR field can use.

I don’t know how I didn’t know about this site! It is the ideal Facebook for PR practitioners. However, when I joined this site, I had a thought. How many more social networks do I need to join? Right now, I am on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I read PRsquared and PRDaily regularly. I am having trouble keeping up with all these site. I want to increase my knowledge and improve on my skills, but having this pressure to keep up with all these sites can be overwhelming. especially now, since I plan to stay on PROpenMic. How do you keep up with all these wonderful sites? Because it’s a challenge for me!


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