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The ‘I Like it’ mystery on Facebook

So many guys have been wondering why all these girls have perverted status’ up. Well, I am about to shed some light on the situation. What is this month? Oh yeah, it is Breast Cancer Awareness. We are definitely talking about purses.

So guys, get your mind out of the gutter.

This started as a way for women to spread around awareness and to celebrate the month. Each female receiving the message would do as it says and pass it along. As it goes along, more and more women change their status to wear they like to set their purse. “I like it…..”.

Mine was “I like it on the floor”. What was yours?

But let’s ask the tough questions.

Does this campaign work?

I think it works for a certain audience. I really enjoy hiding the true meaning from men.

Does it reach the right audience?

I think that most women are aware. I think campaigns need to be focusing on younger children and men.

Are we alienating the male species?

Yes! Men are the audience that need to be educated more about the effects of breast cancer on them and their families.

Check out this blog post on the Washington Post website. The blog talks about the popular trend, the effects, and answers the tough questions.



5 thoughts on “The ‘I Like it’ mystery on Facebook

  1. I definitely agree that alienating men from the breast cancer awareness conversation is a bad thing. When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, it affects everyone around her, including sons, brothers, and husbands. While the purse thing on Facebook is a great way to raise awareness, I agree that men should be in on the fun too.

  2. Well Victoria,
    I have mixed feelings on how effective this technique was. I think any type of awareness technique is good to some degree, but this one does alienate the men on facebook. How were we suppose to know that those status’ were for Breast cancer awareness? Men get breast cancer too, and we also have money to donate! Don’t leave us out. We want to have fun helping spread the word too!


  3. Now I get it! Ha ha! I figured it was for something, but I wasn’t sure. A few of my friends who used the status message are very conservative, so I knew they weren’t alluding to what first popped into my head. As far as its effectiveness, I think it’s successful. Although it may seem inappropriate at first, it solicits attention and creates buzz. It’s hard not to be curious with such a status. The goal is to make people ask questions, and that’s just what it does. It creates a perfect opportunity for someone to spread breast cancer awareness.

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