PR Classwork

Features in the News

In Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques , Chapter 7 is very short.  But size, isn’t what always matters. The chapter solely focuses on the importance of a feature story. A feature can provide background information, generate human interest, and create understanding in a more imaginative way. Features allow writers to write news in a more creative way. Features can bring some color and appeal to the audience while still presenting the news. Features can provide more information or background about an organization and provide a behind-the-scenes perspective. Chapter 7 explains this.

So what? What does this matter to public relations?  Practitioners can use features to publicize a case study for a product. A feature can also focus on how consumers can use a product in a new way. A backgrounder feature can focus on a problem and how it was solved by an organization. Personality and historical pieces can give practitioners a chance to gain publicity for their client.

Ok, so now you know what features are and what they can be used for, but do you know the format of a feature.

Chapter 7 explains that there must be a deadline. The lead is used to grab the reader’s attention through creativity to intrigue his/her curiosity. The body of the feature usually includes direct quotes, concrete examples, and research findings, descriptions that paint pictures in the mind and present information in a creative way.

So that’s all I got for Chapter 7!


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