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Writing Leads

The NewsU Lead Lab taught me various lessons with writing leads. Leads are the most important part of writing. The lead is the hook that either grabs your reader or misses. The better the lead the more readers you will have. So do you want readers? Then, you might want to try out this lab.

The Lead Lab taught me how to include the 4 W’s (Who, What, When, Where) and 1 H (How) while making the sentence attractive to the reader. Including this information is imperative, but it is even more important for you to make it interesting to the reading.

You can do this by picking an angle. Picking an angle can let you focus on what you feel is the most interesting in the story. This makes your reader interested.

I always thought I was a decent lead writer until I did this lab. This lab really opened my eyes. There is always room for improvement. Seeing my lead compared to others made me want to improve. Before I knew it, my lead writing was improving. I drastically improved my lead writing in 45 minutes. It was surprised how much it truly helped my lead writing.

However, I wish the lab had more practice available. I did all the exercises, and I found myself wanting more. Whenever you find yourself wanting to improve your writing, there is no stopping you. Well, at least, there is no stopping me. This lab needs more practice.

I would recommend this lab for future journalists and PR professionals. This lab enables students to learn more about the most critical part of a story. Also, it makes students realize the importance of a lead. Once they realize the importance of how to write an effective lead, students writing skills will improve exponentially. Mine did.


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