PR Classwork

Preparing a Publicity Tool Kit

In the Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, Chapter 6 informs you about how to prepare a Press Kit. I am a Public Relations student, so reading this really helped me understand the process in which practitioners go through to prepare information for publicity. Reading this chapter, I learned a lot about how to prepare fact sheets, media advisories, and media kits.

A fact sheet is usually with a news release or a media kit. It lists facts in bullet form that a reporter can use as reference. There are several kinds of fact sheets. The book gives examples of what to include on a factsheet for an upcoming event.

  1.  The name of the event
  2. Its sponsors
  3. The location
  4. The date and time
  5. The purpose of the event
  6. The expected attendance
  7. A list of any prominent people attending
  8. Any unusual aspects of the event that make it newsworthy

This actually a basic fact sheet. There are two other kinds such as corporate profile and summary of new product characteristics. I found this useful. A fact sheet is more than just a list. It is a list of possible stories for the journalist.

Media Advisories, also called media alerts, they let editors know about upcoming events that they might be interested covering. A typical advisory covers the following according to the book.

  • headline
  • a brief paragraph outlining story idea
  • some of journalism’s five Ws and H
  • short paragraph telling reporter who to contact

I enjoyed reading about media advisories because I feel like they are very important with finding coverage for the client.

A media kit is very important if you’re releasing a new product or your having a major event. The purpose is to give a variety of information to editors that will make it easier for reporters to talk about it.

A basic media kit includes:

  • news release
  • news feature
  • fact sheets
  • background information
  • photos, drawings, and captions
  • biographical information
  • some basic information

I think I will enjoy making media kits because they are important. Making media kits really matters when it comes to getting coverage.


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