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Interesting…. Top Women’s Brands

I found a story on PRDaily about NBCU Gauging Top Women’s Brands. I found this really interesting because some of these I was really surprised about.

No surprise that Walmart is number one, but Target is a close second. It will only be a matter of time before Target takes the lead. I even prefer Target over Walmart. Their items are better quality and cuter. I buy some of my clothes from Target.

Verizon and eBay are third and forth. I was very surprised with Verizon. I know that I shop on Amazon and eBay more. I don’t even have Verizon service. But, AT&T is my service and is rancked number five.

I just found this interesting!

But, then, I started to think. How do we decide what products to buy? This has a factor in these rankings. I know that I choose brands based off of experience and WOM (word of mouth). For example, even though I have AT&T, I tell people Verizon has better service. Just a thought. Read the full article.


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