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Keep Your Energy Up For Twitter

OK! I admit it! I have been slacking on the Twitter aspect of my life. BUT, in my defense everyone else seems to be slowing down too. I actually ran into an awesome blog entry about Twitter. It gave me more motivation.

I found it on and it is called Why I Still Like Twitter.

The blogger made six points, but I am only naming a few that I found most interesting.


I couldn’t believe this. Anyone can reach you through twitter. There aren’t any privacy settings. BUT, unlike Facbook, your only sending a “text message to the whole world”. On Facebook, you have your profile, friends, pictures, RSVP to events, ect. There is more information of your personal life online.


This is true! Instead of going to six different websites, I can receive updates in one place. Twitter=TIMELINESS


I actually use Twitter to post my blog entries. It is very useful. I can share posts globally with a network with high amounts of online traffic. Twitter can be a successful blog promoting tool.

Here is a hilarious video about bad tweets…. PLEASE WATCH IT!

Learn more about using Twitter!


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