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Print is Disappearing?

Is print slowly dying? My answer is yes. Because of the invention of PDAs and online news, less and less people are going to newspapers or magazines for news. Getting your news instantly is more convenient.Twitter provides news in less than 10 words in each tweet. News websites update info 24/7 instantly.  However, I do enjoy curling up in a chair during the evening reading a magazine, and I enjoy drinking coffee while reading a newspaper in the morning. There a positives and negatives about print disappearing. Will it be totally gone? Maybe, I really don’t know.

I decided to talk about this because of a blog on Pr Squared called Death of Print? . The blog talks about how print journalism is disappearing, and how it may be positive.

What? Positive? I know that’s what I said. But, Todd has some good points. Printing is very expensive and uses a lot of paper. Imagine all the trees we can save, and how much money will be saved.


11 thoughts on “Print is Disappearing?

  1. It is sad but I also do believe that the printing industry is slowly starting to disappear. When I was in high school every morning my dad would have the news paper in his had reading it before he went off to work. We do not even have a subscription anymore and instead we get our news from the television of off the internet. While at school the only news paper I read is the George Ann and that is mainly because it is free and conveniently all over campus. There are some positive and negatives to the printing industry disappearing but bottom line think of the millions of jobs that would be lost if there as no longer a printing industry.

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  3. Every morning before school when I was in elementary through high school, I would walk downstairs in the morning to see my dad sitting at the kitchen table reading a newspaper. My brothers and sisters and I would steal the comics and read them. Print was so intertwined with my daily routines that I cannot imagine life without it. However on the other hand, news through the internet or social media has become an even larger part of my life. Now my idea of getting the news is looking at headline at New York Times website. Most often I hear about news through social media. Someone will tweet or facebook about a certain topic. There is one thing for sure the media in which the public gets news is changing.

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  5. I think it is sad that print is slowly dying out. I feel that I am more likely to read and get into something when it is right in front of me and I can touch it. Maybe it’s just me, but the fact that everything is online is really a downer. What are the odds that you will always be right next to a computer? What happens when a storm comes and you can’t get the latest news? Maybe I am more of a traditionalist, and don’t get me wrong, I see the endless benefits that change can produce, but I also see the negative effects that it can have on our society.

  6. I agree. I’m torn with the whole ‘paperless’ office and classrooms. One of my favorite things to do is curl up and read a good book by the fire in the winter or layout and read a shallow paperback at the beach during summer vacations. If everything goes to print will I have to curl up and lay out with my PDA, or Kindle?! Just doesn’t have the same feel to it. I’m all about saving the trees and our ecosystem, but does everything have to go paperless and electronic? It is kind of sad.

    • I too agree that the trend is sad. But let us first define the trend. If you do a bit of research, you will see that the demand for print has actually increased! I know, crazy right? Well don’t get excited. It only means that people want more and more magazines. The data does not specify wether or not these magazines are full of important international affairs, but the trend still exists.

      I don’t cry for newspapers. There have been plenty of papers that were used in the manipulation of the early stock market. Such a source is not “unbiased” just because it prints in black and white. I prefer using the internet to keep me up-to-date. It’s not that I’m not wary of shisty sources here too; rather, it’s that I have such an array of sources to choose from.

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  8. I’ve enjoyed wandering around on your site. The blog theme is pleasing and pink is my favorite color. But more than that, it is a soothing place to browse. Your articles are well written, interesting and have just enough graphics embedded in them to add to the information, visual appeal or entertainment.

    I agree that it is sad that newspapers are slowing going out, but when I consider that I can get the news headlines on my homepage and can click on any that I choose and have the full story, without cost, in seconds, I can understand why. A downside to newspapers is that once you’ve read it you have to dispose of it. A tree has given its life for it and it ends up either in the trash or the recycle bin. But really, how many people recycle?

    To me the thing that is sadder still is that books are going south as well. And I for one, would actually prefer to hold a book in my hand to read it, bend back the pages when I pause and store it on my bookshelf for future reference. I hope we can keep books alive for a long, long time.

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