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Spin Doctors and Flacks

I read an article on the Difference Between Spin Doctors and Flacks on the PR-Squared web site today. I have actually been warned about both of these terms: Spin Doctor and Flack.

I liked the fact that he explained the typical meanings for both terms and why PR practitioners get this name from the Media.

I applaud this writer putting the term “Spin Doctor” into a different category. Clearly, most PR practitioners serve as some kind of doctor to clients. Usually, clients call on us most when they are in trouble.  So thinking about it…. Yes, we are all doctors, but that doesn’t mean that we manipulate the truth or don’t do the right thing. Just because we doctor a situation doesn’t mean that we are spinning the audience’s opinions or beliefs in a certain situation.

Just an interesting thought on this article.


2 thoughts on “Spin Doctors and Flacks

  1. I agree. We don’t necessarily distort the truth when we doctor a situation. Only the really good PR pros do that…Just kidding.

    I think it takes an impenetrable moral boundry to not distort the truth when you’re being hired to do so. Some professionals will knowingly construe the truth to get the job done. That is essentially taking the easy way out. Ask someone who has taken the easier route if they could do it over again. I would like to think of this world as a kind place, so my naivity will assume that person would say, “No. I wish I could do it over.”

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