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Making, Finding, and Creating News



Chapter 4 within the book, Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, is a very helpful chapter. This chapter focuses on PR practitioners making, finding, and creating news for the media.

“The purpose of many public relations programs is to provide information to the media in the hope that it will be published or broadcast” (pg. 91).

I really liked this quoted because it puts in perspective of what my job is really about. I am the communicator from the client to the media and the media communicates to the public.

There are eight different aspects that Journalists look for in news.

  • Timeliness
  • Prominence
  • Proximity
  • Significance
  • Unusualness
  • Human Interest
  • Conflict
  • Newness

Now, the question is how we make our client appeal to any of these eight aspects.

There are several things that PR practitioners do to try to find news.

  • look through old clippings
  • have brainstorming sessions
  • special events
  • contests
  • polls
  • surveys
  • product demonstrations
  • stunts
  • protests
  • awards
  • personal appearances

There are several different ways to find news. Now you have to think about how to present it to the Journalist.

Make sure…

v  It relates to the audience.(Reaching the correct audience)

v  You are presenting it in the best way.(Making the Information seem valuable)

v  You are sending it to the right person. (Right Editor for the Subject)

Finding news to get your client coverage can be tricky. BUT there are several methods you can use to find news. It is very clear that PR practitioners need a good relationship with Journalists. Creating a good relationship with Journalists can open a lot of doors.

Here is a really funny video about the difference between Journalism and Public Relations (Like Mac vs. PC)


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