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Tools for Sharing Micro-Content Online

It’s amazing! Micro-blogging didn’t have an existence a few years ago, and now, it is used for various things. Micro-blogging allows people to share content or media with as few characters as possible. People can do this through their phone or computer. You can use it to inform people about an event, share information about a subject, or to share your thoughts. There are three main tools used to help you adopt the micro-content way of life.

Twitter is the largest and most popular. You can follow celebrities, news stations, companies, magazines, ect. By following, you are able to receive updates from them which can consists of various things. You can receive updates from not only the computer, but also your phone. This can be a major advantage to people holding events or passing along news. You can post instantly and your followers will see your post. Twitter is actually creating a new feature called @anywhere. This will allow users to put Twitter content on any online channel without going to

Google Buzz is another tool not many people know about. This tool actually connects to Twitter and various others. The tool allows users to engage in conversation or share content with their e-mail contacts and the Gmail community. It’s just not status updates. Google Buzz actually pulls images from links and enables users to comment on content without leaving Gmail.

Facebook has created a new aspect of Facebook called Facebook Connect. People can go on their websites and bring Facebook with them. This tool pulls Facebook users’ profile information, photos and connections and moves them directly to the site. This makes it easy for visitors to share your content with their Facebook networks and it allows visitors to comment on, review, or rate your content.

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