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Thoughts on Word of Mouth Marketing

I loved this picture because it uses Apple products to illustrate word of mouth.

Looking through Ragan’s PR Daily , I found an interesting article about marketing through the word of mouth (WOM). I decided to write about this article because I found it interesting, and it showed me how effective WOM can be.

I was thinking about my own actions when it comes to talking about brands and products. Products or brands usually come up in conversation when I see signs or go shopping with a friend/family member.

For example, I went grocery shopping with my friend Katie, and she asked me whether she should get the Food Lion cheese or Kraft cheese. I told her to get the Food Lion cheese because it has the same quality, but at a cheaper price.

This is an example of choosing a brand through WOM.

The only time I talk about products through social media is if I have a horrible experience.

For example, when I was trying to get my computer repaired. I put this on Facebook, “been on the phone with Dell Tech Support for over 4 hours… FML”.

Some of my friends my see this message when they are trying to decide whether to buy a Dell or an Apple computer. They will probably choose the Apple product because of WOM.

This article goes in more detail about Word of Mouth Marketing.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Word of Mouth Marketing

  1. This is SO true! It’s crazy to think about how was automatically market products just by talking to our friends!
    Grocery shopping id definately when WOM comes in to play for me and my roomates! Today at WalMart we were walking down the aisles and compared frozen dinners. While the T.G.I.Fridays dinner was a little more expensive, I told her I knew it was good because I had eaten it before. Also, the description on the opposite frozen dinner was less descriptive and we had trouble figuring out what was in the dinner.
    And I agree with your other comment that social media is usually used when a product has NOT done what it promised. For example, if something breaks or a restaraunt wasn’t what I expected it to be, I will post it to Facebook or Twitter. We as a society expect products and services to deliver what they promise. When they don’t we turn to WOM and social media.

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