PR Classwork

I Found a Grammar Goddess

Whenever it comes to grammar, I have several weaknesses. The one rule I have the most trouble with is “who and whom”. The Grammar Girl actually gave me some tips on how to utilize this rule.

The most helpful thing I learned was distinguishing the subject and object in a sentence. Grammar Girl uses the sentence “I love you”. I am the subject and you are the object of my affection.

When you are referring to the object in the sentence you use whom. Whom do I love? When referring to the subject use who. Who loves you? I was surprised how easily this rule can be broken down.

Grammar Girl also gives you a simple trick of how to remember the rule. Click here to find out.

I think that I will be spending more time on Grammar Girl. After all, my profession revolves around writing with correct grammar. I would like to know some more tricks when it comes to subject-verb agreement, word choice, and punctuation rules.


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